Who Needs Maine SR22 Insurance

SR22 insurance in Maine Reader’s Question:

What is SR22 insurance in Maine and who are required to get it?


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SR22 auto insurance is not your typical car insurance policy. In the strictest sense of the word, it is a form that is issued to the Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles by a car insurance company certifying that the policyholder has the required liability insurance coverage. With  SR22 insurance, a driver whose license was canceled due to a driving offense, can get his driving privileges back.

The problem that most drivers encounter with SR22 insurance in Maine is the high rates that go with it. Those who have SR22 insurance are also required to maintain it for 36 months or more. But drivers can still get a more affordable SR22 by shopping and comparing cheap SR-22 insurance using this website and the form above or calling up various car insurance agencies.

But drivers can still purchase auto insurance with SR-22 that is easy on their pockets. They should just allot time and effort in looking around for cheap SR22 insurance companies over the Internet and yellow pages.

They should then request and compare as many SR-22 insurance quotes as possible so they can purchase the most affordable SR22 insurance.

SR22 Insurance Laws

Maine Laws apply to any individual who has had a traffic or moving violation, for driving after the drivers license has been suspended, driving a car while intoxicated or DUI, or driving while intoxicated and has had an accident or did not have a valid driver’s license when the accident happened.

To file for an SR22, you will need to go to your local town municipal office, DMV office, or you can go to your car insurance company to have them file it for you. An auto insurance provider will also ask you this question when applying for car insurance.

An SR22 is required when a driver has been convicted of one of the driving infractions mentioned above. The SR22 insurance is needed before a car can be registered. If an individual needs to go out of state to work, he or she will have to acquire car insurance from an insurer certified to do business in Maine. Once an individual who has been required to file an Sr22  gets the car insurance mandated by the state of Maine, his/her insurance provider will send this information to the state Department of Motor Vehicle or DMV.

SR22 Insurance Requirements

In Maine, an SR22 generally has to be filed every year, for 3 years (depending on your situation) after the conviction date. If an insured driver has a lapse in their insurance payments and their insurance gets cancelled by the insurance provider, their insurer will forward a form titled SR26 to the DMV to notify them of the cancellation.

Maine SR22 Insurance

SR26 form states that the driver who is required to file an SR22 in the state of Maine has failed to maintain an SR22. Failure to comply with the SR22 filing can result in suspension or revocation of drivers license and registration of a vehicle for a time specified by DMV.